…To not snoot

Self Portrait 2

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Here is the same setup, but by bouncing the light from the flash off the ceiling, and using the Honl snoot as a bounce card instead. (The bounce card catches some of the light from the flash and sends it into my eyes, where the rest of the light is soft and diffused as it is spread out from the ceiling).

You’ll observe that this picture is a lot softer, less harsh, and arguably less dramatic.

Extra details: The SB900 flash, is off camera, left of the camera. It is angled 45 degrees towards the ceiling, and a bounce card is used to bounce some of the light straight at me instead of towards the ceiling.

To snoot or not to snoot?

Self Portrait 1

Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck

A snoot is a device that narrows the light from a strobe to make a harsher, narrower field of light. This is a self portrait using an SB900 flash, with a Honl 5″ snoot, camera left. (i.e. the flash is NOT attached to the camera, but triggered remotely).

The next post will show you what it looks like without the snoot.



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So I’m doing this 365 project, which means a picture a day, every day, for a year. Every day, without exception, I need to take a picture. Even if I’m busy, I’ll snap a picture with my iPhone. Today I decided to be creative and plan the shot, so I came up with this shot, along with a plethora of other macabre shots.

My original concept was to shoot into the butcher knife and see the bloodied reflection of me, but that was harder than I thought when I’m shooting alone. Even when things don’t go according to plan, you adjust and improvise. I’m happy with the results even if they weren’t my original vision.

(The blood is edible and quite yummy, and the black dirt I found under my car. Not so yummy.)

Click on the picture to go to Flickr, and see the other pictures in the series.

I hope you like, and hope you don’t get any nightmares tonight….