Great resource: Lastolite School of Photography

Another great resource for photographers is the Lastolite School of Photography. Lastolite is a company that manufactures an array of high end photography gear, and their “School of Photography”, although is mostly geared towards Lastolite product knowledge, does provide great tips on photography (lighting, portraiture, etc.). The format of this School is online videos, hosted by the very knowledgeable, professional photographer Mark Cleghorn.

The tutorials can be downloaded from iTunes, or from the following website:

You can spend hours browsing the videos, so what are you waiting for?

Love and War – a video

Love and War

Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck

This is more of a fun post than an informative one.

This is a video recorded with my Nikon D90 SLR camera. With the convergence of video and photography on cameras, this will become more and more prevalent.

They’re not the best video cameras, but the ability to use a high quality lenses (and choose different lenses) is certainly a plus. The ability to record High Definition (or nearly high definition) certainly makes it better than the analog video cameras we used years ago.

If you want to properly use an SLR as a video camera, I suggest you use a tripod, and don’t hand hold it like I did in this video. Do as I say, not as I do 🙂